Top 5 Digital Audio Workstations

Top 5 Digital Audio Workstations 

Check out this list of the top 5 DAW softwares out there used by all kinds 

of producers worldwide-from Deadmau5 to Southside 



5. Studio One (Presonus)-“The next standard.” 

$449 PC/Mac 

Watch in action: 

Quick Pros/Cons 

Drastic improvements in sound library 
Powerful extended FX chains 
Better graphics 
Improved browser 

Presense XT sampler still needs work 


4. Logic Pro (Apple)-“Music production. Cranked up to X” 

$200 Mac 

Watch in action: 

Quick Pros/Cons 

Drummer-very useful 
Flex pitch works well 
Good midi effects 
Great interface 
Ipad controller app 

Toolbar size on small screens 
Effects and instruments getting old 
Random graphic glitches and bugs 


3. Cubase Pro  (Steinberg)-“Creativity First” 

$579 PC/Mac 

Watch in action: 

Quick Pros/Cons 

Render in place feature 
Great chord pads 
Multiband Envelope Shaper 
Improved performance 

No mixer undo 
No side chain rendering 
Few bugs to workout 


2. Live  (Ableton)-“Create, Finish, Perform” 

$398 PC/Mac 

Watch in action 

Quick Pros/Cons 

Audio to MIDI-crazy 
Improved MIDI editing 
Max For Live 
Better browser 

Arrangement view mixer needs work 


1. FL Studio (Image-Line)-Do I even need to review? 

$289 PC 

Watch in action: 

Quick Pros/Cons 

Better UI (vector based) 
Practical improvements 
Additions to all 3 editions 
Flexible mixer 
Free updates for life 

Too genius for some! 

What do you use to produce your music? How do you rate these DAWs? 

For more info check out a full review: